Bible Light

Short insights and observations and nuggets from Bible readings and how the Christian walk is played out in real-life situations.

Hallowed Be Thy Name

(a reflection on the Lord’s Prayer) Think deep – contemplate the meaning – grasp the reality of THE NAME!  Explode with adoration and respect and awe for the Work and the Word and the Being of our Heavenly Father.  “Heavenly Father” – A name that is infinitely and eternally unique. A name that inspires a …

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Faith in Christ

Joyful greetings to each of you! We trust this note finds you basking in the joy and the peace of this Christmas season. Of course, we all know that, no matter the season, the external pressures of living in this world are increasing. As we look back on the passing of another year we see …

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Biblical Blessings

Dear Child of God, Biblical blessings of unlimited, unmerited grace; Biblical blessings of the personal knowledge of God’s infinite love; Biblical blessings of supernatural boldness and power to be a witness and a blessing to everyone you meet; Biblical blessings be lavished upon you by an ever-growing revelation of the miraculous reality of the Holy …

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