The Purpose for Christian Concourse

Quoting from our Articles of Incorporation, Christian Concourse “is organized exclusively for the purpose of ministering the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, as revealed in the inspired Word of God, and to facilitate the unity of His Church.” (See our Tenets of Faith and Ethics.)

We seek to equip and empower believers to encourage, exhort and build each other up in their faith in Jesus Christ – across the spectrum of theological orbits of Christianity – reflecting the teachings of Scripture on unity. Therefore, our work is dedicated to God, in the name of Jesus Christ, to spread the “Good News” of His redemptive plan for mankind and for the development of functional tools with which HE may enhance our relations in Christian Accord and our service within HIS interdenominational Church especially as it exists in the long-term care setting.

As a practical expression of the vision for Christian Concourse, we equip and encourage believers to minister to each other in the long-term care arena. Nursing home ministry is an extension of the interdenominational Body of Christ in each locale. Christians from the interdenominational Christian community who minister in care centers as volunteers, chaplains or staff do so to an interdenominational group of residents within each facility. This statement is based on the many years of experience in nursing home ministry of our founder and current Director of Ministry, Jerry Johnson. Therefore, the effective Christian minister engaged in long-term care ministry must, out of necessity, approach his or her calling to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in terms that are, as far as possible, appropriately interdenominational.

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