A Nursing Home Ministry Handbook for Volunteers

Table of Contents
First Edition

Please Note – a comment about Covid 19: We acknowledge there is much turmoil in the long-term care arena because of the effects of the recent “pandemic.” Policies and regulations affecting Christian ministry to the residents have been in a constant state of flux. Uncertainties and circumstances are changing from facility to facility and from one region of the city, state or nation to another. Therefore, we have not made any significant adjustments to this handbook. We offer it to you, the Christian volunteer, for you to adapt this information to the specific ministry situation in which you currently find yourself. May the Lord give you wisdom and grace. Be safe! We love you.

Introduction to A Nursing Home Ministry Handbook for Volunteers

Chapter 1 – Profile of a Nursing Home Volunteer

Chapter 2 – How to Volunteer in a Local Facility

Chapter 3 – Guidelines for Long-term Care Visitation

Chapter 4 – Programs for Nursing Home Ministry

Chapter 5 – Games and Activities for Nursing Home Ministry

Chapter 6 – Poems

Chapter 7 – Profile of the Long-term Care Industry

Chapter 8 – Rights of a Nursing Home Resident

Chapter 9 – Profile of the Care Facility Population

Chapter 10 – More Info On Nursing Home Ministry


The material in this handbook is provided only as our attempt to inform and educate our readers. This material is not and should not be considered legal or medical opinions or advice. You do not and cannot have any client-attorney relationship or doctor-patient relationship with Christian Concourse or any of its employees. You should not take legal or medical action based upon advice you perceive as legal or medical found in A Nursing Home Ministry Handbook for Volunteers. We strongly suggest that you seek professional counsel before taking any legal or medical action based upon information found herein.

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