Bible Reflections

Short reflections and thoughts on Biblical concepts.

What is a “DOCLOR?”

Christianity is a “DOCLOR” with God! (pronounced Doe-klore) A… Dynamic – living, moving, self-enlivened, changing, growing, energetic, active, empowered, internally motivated Ongoing – never ceasing, continual, progressive, daily, moment-by-moment, constant, consistent, unfailing, faithful, steadfast, unflagging Conversational – interactive, communicative, prayerful, meaningful, relative, circumstantially significant, intuitive, accurate LOving – sensitive, affectionate, caring, sacrificial, kind, patient, honest,

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A Poem – “The Greatest Science Fiction Motion Picture Production”

The Greatest Science Fiction Motion Picture Production by Jerry Johnson Of all that Hollywood has producedIs less than the nothing of pot smoking pipe dreamsCompared to the simple, plain, unadulterated Gospel TruthFound myself in hopeless plight:Deaf, dumb, numb and without sight!Killed by wrong and killed by right!Longed for day and loved the night!I sure could

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A Poem – The Jobs

The Jobs by Jerry Johnson I saw, as in a movie screen,The wolverine-like beastWith two sets of black bat-like wings,Red beady eyes,Sharp, hand-like eagle talons on all four feet,Snarling and droolingThru vicious needle-sharp teeth.Something I could not imagine.The beast flew down out of the movieSnatching from somewhereA little, defenseless baby bunny,Flew back into the movieTo

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