The Practice of Divine Light

Below is a link to a 50+ page document in which I have tried to put forth a very important dimension of our relationship with Christ: walking out our life in words and deeds on a daily basis in the light of our personal communicative relationship with the God of the Universe…the practice of Divine Light. What we say and what we do and what we think and the attitudes we harbor and the motives we embrace are all very important! This includes what is audible and visible to others AND all those things that only we know about internally.


Living for Jesus is not easy. It is very hard. He is perfect. He is our example. So…do we just make ourselves as comfortable as possible in the face of our inadequacies, ignore the failures and hope nobody notices? Do we try to fake perfection outright? Do we blithely give it a superficial try and figure it will all work out in the end? Do we keep living and doing and speaking however we please and expect God to keep wiping the slate clean until we get our angel wings? Do we hide under the thin disguise of “Nobody’s perfect!” or, “That’s just the way I am!”? Do we give our all to abiding by as big a list of do’s and don’ts as possible (and of course compare ourselves to everyone who we judge is doing a worse job at it than we are)?

No matter where you may be in the process of maturing in your walk with Jesus, I think this little paper may give you a new perspective on the process. I’m the author and I read this every now and then, myself, to remind me of the challenge our Lord has given us to see the Way, to hear the Truth, and to walk the Life out in shoe leather.

So, without further ado:

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