Christian Concourse Newsletter – May 2020

Hello, Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ!

Wonder and joy of life in Christ Jesus be to you today! Let us take our eyes off our trying circumstances and bask in the glory of knowing the Master of the Universe! How marvelous and awesome that He would manifest Himself to us with such Grace and Mercy through the Cross of Christ. May we each be ever thankful and mindful of His Tender Mercies and His Everlasting Love bestowed upon us by the comfort of His presence in our hearts. And just to think, laying down these mortal bodies and taking up immortality in eternal, loving fellowship with Christ is our destiny. A destiny guaranteed by the promise of God the Father written in the Son’s own blood and sealed by the Holy Spirit manifested in our very beings today! Hallelujah!

About the ministry: Due to the dangers of the COVID-19 virus to the lives of the residents, we are currently unable to physically minister in care facilities. Therefore, Dar and I are pursuing new avenues of expression of the calling God has laid on our lives in the midst of these unusual circumstances. Our goal remains to encourage the faith of His children, most of whom are sequestered and isolated to their rooms. Of course, this is in addition to our usual ministry to supply free materials for ministry to the elderly and infirm by U. S. mail to anyone who requests them.

Our current strategy, as we observe the guidelines of social distancing, is to communicate directly with the activities staff of some local facilities by phone. We are coordinating with them for us to drop off free packages of the Christian ministry tools we produce, care package items and devotional materials ordered online, and inexpensive CD players purchased online. How many facilities we reach locally will depend on the practical parameters of finances and time.

About finances, we thank the Lord that you, our supporters have been faithful and generous despite the uncertainty of these times. On behalf of the untold numbers of residents who will benefit from your kindness, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

“Praise to Our Redeemer,” the name of our new DVD series is well on its journey to production. We are now diligently working on hymn number 7, “His Eye Is On the Sparrow.” The visual dimension of each video in this first DVD (first of three in the new series) is taken from the 1800 photos and videos we were able to collect on our visit to Arizona last November. That trip was a special gift from God and our children who paid for the rental car and the plane ticket and provided our lodging while we were there! You can watch on your computer all the hymn-segments we have completed so far at:

Again, we thank each of you for your faithful support in finances and especially for carrying in your prayers this mission of nursing home ministry.

With Sincere Christian Love,

Jerry and Dar Johnson

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