A Poem – “The Greatest Science Fiction Motion Picture Production”

The Greatest Science Fiction Motion Picture Production

by Jerry Johnson

Of all that Hollywood has produced
Is less than the nothing of pot smoking pipe dreams
Compared to the simple, plain, unadulterated Gospel Truth
Found myself in hopeless plight:
Deaf, dumb, numb and without sight!
Killed by wrong and killed by right!
Longed for day and loved the night!
I sure could not save myself
Lump of clay on Potter’s shelf

He slowly stirred my senses
Eroded my defenses
Uncovered my pretenses
Then covered my expenses
My death He died by Himself
Took me from the Potter’s shelf
Gave me ears to hear Him speak
Talks to me, He’s, oh, so meek
Shows the Way for me to seek
He is strong, for I am weak
My life He hid within Himself
Live saint from lump upon a shelf
By His will I stand today
With His strength: trust and obey
Slowly growing come what may
In my heart He’s here to stay!
One with Him, not by myself
Joining throngs from Potter’s shelf!

Copyright, 2005 by Gerald T. Johnson. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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