A Poem – Diamonds In The Rough

Diamonds In The Rough

by Betty Jo Mathis

I watched him there in denim,
his old boots all worn and scuffed;
Just a common sort of guy,
but a diamond in the rough.
I saw him at his labor,
for his work was lowly stuff;
But I heard no squawk nor whine
from this diamond in the rough.
His pay was only av’rage,
but he claimed it was enough.
“Wealth’s not found in earthly things,”
said this diamond in the rough.
If other guys got nasty
he just calmly took their guff.
One who sparkled while he served,
was this diamond in the rough.
For underneath the denim,
though some thought of him as gruff,
Was a man in tune with God,
a real diamond in the rough;
A man who knew his weakness,
one who never tried to bluff.
Would God there’d be more like him,
more of diamonds in the rough.

© Copyright, 1992, Betty Jo Mathis, Lagrange, WY.

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