A Poem – “Let Go of the Limb”

Let Go of the Limb

by Jerry Johnson

Pangs of fear are fueled by doubt
Timidity grips the limb
Familiar’s solace instead of food your recompense.

Safely hidden among the leaves,
Addiction to status quo
Subjugates your faith to the faked rationale of common sense.

The longer that you sit there
The weaker your wings will be;
Soaring in Jesus a dream;
Flying: lost reality.

Religiosity traps,
Offering Love’s substitute.
Assumptions cannot hide
What vain rituals constitute;
The Body is a pure bride
Not a human institute!

You must let go of the limb
To venture the spirit realm.
The blood of Christ marks the gate:
Surrender to Him the helm!

© Copyright 2017, Gerald Thomas Johnson, Norfolk, VA.  All rights reserved.  Used by permission.

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