Biblical Blessings

Dear Child of God,

Biblical blessings
of unlimited, unmerited grace;

Biblical blessings
of the personal knowledge of God’s infinite love;

Biblical blessings
of supernatural boldness and power to be a witness and a blessing to everyone you meet;

Biblical blessings
be lavished upon you by an ever-growing revelation
of the miraculous reality of the Holy Spirit
Who is resident and overflowing with eternal life within your very being!

On this ground
we are His ambassadors.

On this ground
we are soldiers in His army.

On this ground
we are fountains of living water and the fragrance of true life to believers.

On this ground
the world can see our good works and glorify our Father who is in heaven.

On this ground
we are godly examples in attitude and word and deed.

On this ground
we walk in victory no matter where He leads,
be it mountain-top glory
or the valley of the shadow of death.

And on this ground
a believer is a cup of cool water
and a beam of joy
and a soothing ointment of peace
to His hurting, struggling children in nursing homes.

How precious are those who bring good news!

However the Holy Spirit leads you,
[ nursing home ministry ]
[ aiding the homeless ]
[ feeding the poor ]
[ jail ministry ]
[ visiting the sick ]
[ street ministry ]
[ serving in your local fellowship of believers ]
[ loving your family ]
[ loving your neighbor ]
[ loving your co-workers and your boss ]
[ whatever occupation He places you in ]
follow Him in the good work He has prepared for you to walk in.
Give of yourself to the Master.
The children of God are led by His Holy Spirit.
Let Him lead.

There is no way to get today back again.
How many days have we wasted in the vain pursuits of self and pleasure and sin?
Forgive us Holy Lord and deliver us from our bad habits and fruitless ways of thinking.

As little children,
lost and undone without You in our life,
we cry out to You for strength to grasp the depths of the wonderful invitation You extend
to all of us
to know our loving Creator personally.


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