Searching For Violins

The following is a testimony that came from the heart of one of God’s children who went through deep water near the end of his earthly journey. In the midst of wrestling with real questions and facing real fears this Christian took the time to share with us the truth of God’s faithfulness even in the storm. Oh, the thought of his joy when he looked his loving Savior in the eyes!

…to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord!
paraphrased from 2Corinthians 5:8



Since receiving a diagnosis of Stage 4 Colon Cancer, a remarkable part of this journey has been the capacity to be present. What I mean by that is to be in the moment vs. being carried away by thoughts that are full of fear and anxiety over what may or may not happen tomorrow. I leave tomorrow’s business up to God and trust Him to take care of me one day at a time. I have the capacity to handle that. For me, this is about living with cancer not dying from it.

The benefit of being present is that it’s enabled me to be alert each day to see the small miracles that God is delivering every day in my favor. For example, the man I rent my business office from, came in one day and announced no more rent from here on out. That’s God’s favor on me and is a small miracle. God is taking care of me. I’ve got so many examples like that.

Although God is allowing my cancer to exist He’s at work in the midst of it for good (not only for my good but also for the good of those that are involved in my life).

As I was reflecting on my blessings in the midst of this “crazy,” the Lord brought to my mind a hidden picture puzzle. You know the kind when you were a kid, and you were asked to find the hidden Violin, and you would search the picture to find the hidden Violin and then circle it once you did. Those were exciting moments.

This is just like God. All of His promises are Yay and Amen. Everything He does is motivated by love. He has helped me turn this journey into a game. Each day I look for those hidden Violins with anticipation. It’s always exciting when I find one.

The moral of the story is to look for God’s miracles every day. They are always there, even in the midst of hardship, hidden yet easy to discover if you’re paying attention. To find them brings pure joy and affirms the truth that we are loved and not abandoned by God.


Today we live and search for Violins!

“Finding Violins” – written and produced by Jerry Johnson as inspired by this testimony.
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