Cheers for Nursing Home Ministers

If you minister in some way in a long-term care setting, we want to encourage you. As a nursing home minister, what you are doing is important – you know that. You may have met some people, even friends at your local church, that do not seem to understand how valuable your service is. More than likely, you know how priceless your work for the Lord is to the residents in the care facility.

Though few outsiders may ever know, God knows the “sacrifice” you make in your mission. Sacrifice at times, yes, but oh the glory and the joy and the love that flow now and again between you and those with whom you visit and share Christian fellowship in the care center!

And, there are times that you may not see visible results. But if you have been at it for a while, you probably have learned to place the positive feedback in God’s hands and just keep on being faithful to what you feel He has given you to do.

Then, as we said above, there are those precious moments when you know you are connecting and you can see the light of God through the smiles and in the tears of deep comfort and thankfulness streaming down furrowed faces – because you are there FOR THEM!

Cheers to you! Cheers from the numbers whom you have strengthened when they felt so alone and forgotten. Cheers from the staff who recognize the invaluable gift you bring their population. Cheers from the family members who just cannot make it to visit as often as they would like. Cheers from the Christian community whom you represent as their ambassador. Cheers from the Lord Jesus Who said if you help His little ones, He takes it as you helping Him!

We pray God’s richest blessings and the strength of His Holy Spirit upon your labor! Amen!

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