Free Nursing Home Ministry Materials? Really? Yep.

Every day hundreds, and probably thousands of elderly and infirm residents in care facilities all over the English-speaking world are using the Christ-centered care center ministry materials that we provide at no cost to them. We really do not know how many hymnbooks and CDs and DVDs are out there because we do not have time to keep track of it. It is not unusual for us to receive requests for more materials from volunteers or staff who have been using those little hymn books for ten years or more. We just keep printing and boxing them up and sending them out. Praise God! No doubt that if folks saw our humble operation that benefits so many they would be very surprised. Many call in disbelief that we actually provide these great resources free of charge without any catch. But we do…because we feel the Lord is guiding us to help us keep the operation humble, efficient and at a pace that we wear comfortably. Can’t say enough good about our Boss!!

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