Christian Adult Coloring Book

“God’s Love and Grace”


This coloring book, as made available on this site, is provided at no charge for the benefit of the elderly and infirm, especially Christian ministry to the long-term care population. Duplication of this book in complete form or by individual pages, without altering content, is permitted for the purpose of encouraging the faith of our seniors and our shut-ins. This work, or any portion thereof, may not be sold for any purpose, in any way.


© Copyright 2020, Gerald T. Johnson.
All rights reserved.
Distributed through the auspices of
Christian Concourse Ministries, Inc., Norfolk, VA.

Special thanks:
The coloring pages of this book
(the even numbers)
are compliments of
Kingdom Bloggers.
Visit them at

The message of the left pages (odd numbers) and the right pages (even numbers) of the coloring book are designed to go together. Therefore, please download and use the pages in the pairs as they are presented below between the green horizontal lines
(Naturally, the front cover and info page are an exception.)
Thank you.

For some pointers on taking your pencil coloring to a new level, check out this youtube video:  PencilStash

Front Cover and Information Page

Front Cover
Information Page

God Loves Us.

Page 1
Page 2

When We Trust God…

Page 3
Page 4

Our Father In Heaven…

Page 5
page 6

As We Walk with Jesus…

Page 7
Page 8

Listen to the Stars…

Page 9
Page 10

God Cares for His Children.

Page 11
Page 12


Page 13
Page 14

Let Your Light So Shine…

Page 15
Page 16


Page 17
Page 18

When We Walk with the Lord…

Page 19
Page 20


Page 21
Page 22

If You Want to Know…

Page 23
Page 24

Heavenly Father…

Page 25
Page 26

God Knows…

Page 27
Page 28

The Commandment of Jesus…

Page 29
Page 30

No Matter…

Page 31
Page 32

One May Ask…

Page 33
Page 34

Special thanks again:
The coloring pages of this book
(the even numbers)
are compliments of
Kingdom Bloggers.
Visit them at

This coloring book is dedicated
to the glory of Jesus Christ.
It is our sincere prayer
that this work be a blessing
in strengthening
the faith of His saints,
especially in use as a tool
for nursing home ministry.

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