Nursing Home Ministry Devotionals


The nursing home ministry devotionals listed below are downloadable for free in .pdf format.  They are for you to use as you see fit in ministry to care center residents.  You may adjust them in your presentation to meet your specific needs and to accommodate the circumstances of your audience.  If you copy them to give to someone else for use in long-term care ministry, please leave them unaltered in their original form.  Some of these Christian devotionals are more like sermons and some are more like a Bible study.  Some would need you to flesh them out and others can stand alone as they are.  Use your discretion in their use.  Understandably, you may find some that you feel are not appropriate for your group.   Please approach their use prayerfully. 

You will notice that these devotionals often address the unique settings of long-term care but do not hedge on the responsibilities of God’s children for Christian maturity and ministry.  As has been already stated – use them at your own discretion and with prayer.

The hymns referred to with page numbers in these devotionals are taken from our hymn booklet: “Favorite Hymns of Grace”

Download the “.PDFs”:

NOTE: For more devotional texts and ideas, go to your search engine in your browser and do a search for “public domain Christian devotionals” or a similar phrase. It may take a little time to sift through the “hits” but you should find some really good links that give you permission to download and copy their material. Of course, you will want to read the whole text of any selection you make to be sure you are comfortable with the content.

ANOTHER NOTE: An alternative to traditional Bible study — If you have access to a smart TV in the room where you conduct your service, here is a suggestion you might want to try. Visit “The Bible Project” and familiarize yourself with their content. It is free. [see their generous “Terms of Use”] You may find these relatively short Bible videos to be very popular among your Christian (and even some non-Christian) residents.

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