10,000 Booklets Given Away in 2019! – February 2020

Greetings Friends!

We spent some time this week taking an account of how many hymn booklets, scripture booklets, CD sets, and DVD sets we mailed out last year. According to the order slips we are amazed to be able to report that we sent out at least 9667 booklets, 332 CD sets, and 135 DVD sets in 198 packages to over 175 cities in the United States, five in Canada, one in Australia, and one in Sri Lanka! This figure does not include the several packages that we put together without order slips, the materials we gave to local churches, booklets hand delivered to Christian volunteers for their nursing home ministry, the booklets we left at the facilities where we conduct services, the materials we gave to local facilities where we do not do services, and the hundreds of hymn booklets, scripture booklets, CD sets and DVD sets we gave away at monthly meetings of Hampton Roads Activity Professionals Association. It is safe to say that in 2019 we gave away, for free, way over 10,000 booklets, 350 CD sets and 150 DVD sets for use by the precious residents of care centers!

So, if you include the many tens of thousands of our booklets we have given away in the past, many of which are still in use, it is humbling and thrilling to think of how many times the resources of Christian Concourse have been a blessing to the faith of the Lord’s saints in long-term care settings all over the United States and beyond!

We thank our Lord Jesus for the health, the strength and the grace to have such an impact in this oft forgotten mission field. All glory to God!

And thanks from the bottom of our hearts to you who support us with your financial assistance and your prayers. We invite you to join with us to renew our cry to the Lord of the Harvest that the Holy Spirit will anoint these humble tools for His work in the hearts of the elderly and infirm wherever they are used. And we pray the blessings of God on the staff and volunteers who are on the front line singing these hymns with the residents and reading these scriptures to them and sharing the wonderful message of the Grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

The Virginia Association of Activity Professionals will convene their 41st annual conference March 24 – 27, 2020 in Newport News, Virginia. We will be conducting a 90 minute class at the conference on the 26th entitled, “Meaningful Christian Activities & Mobilizing and Implementing Your Christian Volunteers.” One of our hymnbooks and a copy of our ministry resources flyer will be given to each conference attendee. Special prayer for us as we prepare for this event would be greatly appreciated.

Again we stress how grateful we are for your friendship to this ministry. Blessings to you and yours as you serve the King!


Jerry and Dar Johnson

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