Christian Concourse Ministry Newsletter – September 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is such an honor and privilege to be sending you this little note! Many of you we know personally and many more of you we have met only through our correspondence concerning our nursing home ministry materials. In either case, we greet you enthusiastically with grateful hearts.

Speaking of correspondence, we are always thrilled to receive requests for the free resources we offer for Christian ministry to the elderly and infirm. We have never been, nor are we likely to ever be in Jasonville, IN, or Chico, CA, or Newport, TN, or Austin, TX, but our Scripture booklets, and hymn booklets, and CDs and DVDs and Coloring Books are there. And the list of places goes on and on. How thankful and blessed we are when a care center staff member or volunteer seeks us out and writes or emails or calls us! They are on the front line of nursing home ministry. They have the rapport with the facility and the relationship with the residents to be most effective in using the Christian ministry materials we send them.

We could not do our job in the Kingdom if not for the King miraculously working out the myriad details in the massive web of all our connections. Because of His blessing over the years, there have been many, many, untold thousands of hungry, hurting elderly lives encouraged and strengthened in their faith in Jesus while using our humble ministry tools. All glory and honor to our Father God!

And Christian Concourse is not the only regional and national ministry God has raised up over the years to equip, recruit, strengthen and assist nursing home ministry. Below we mention a few of the several we know of. Space will not allow a fair description of each so check them out online if you are able.

Eldercare Links and Info (Tom McCormick, request email: )

Gentle Shepherd Ministries ( )

God Cares Ministry ( )

Home Free Ministries ( )

Nursing Home Ministries ( )

Sonshine Society Care Center Ministries ( )

Then, there are those of you who have it on your heart to help us in prayer! How can we adequately say, “Thank you!” God knows how critical a role you are performing.

To those who are able to support us financially, please know that your donations are vitally important in sustaining us as we carry on in this mission field.

Thank You, Sincerely,

Jerry and Dar Johnson

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