Christian Concourse Ministry Newsletter – October 2020

Dear Friends,

Life has certainly taken some turns in the past few months. Many of us are having to adjust to a “new normal” imposed by a world reeling from troubles and sickness and sin. Let us, as God’s faithful children, face the challenges with renewed vigor. Some of us are in nursing home ministry, some on staff at a facility, some are residents in a care center, some in the community at large. Wherever the Lord has placed us, may our determination be to live our lives more and more for the cause of Christ! Though we may be quarantined or isolated it does not mean we are useless to the Lord!

Our worlds have gotten smaller. We don’t get out and about as much. But, we can brighten the corner where we are! Just open your door and look out around you. Do not take lightly the opportunities right at hand. God loves every person He brings across your path…every person He has placed in your life. Love them with His love. Be an encouragement and a source of strength to them. Pray and trust the Lord to give you His vision for how you can love them. A patient word. A kind deed. Compassion for their hurt and loneliness. God would have us be His voice and His hands for them!

Brighten the Corner Where You Are!

Ina Mae Ogdon – 1872 – 1964

Do not wait until some deed of greatness you may do,
Do not wait to shed your light afar,
To the many duties ever near you now be true,
Brighten the corner where you are.

Just above are clouded skies that you may help to clear,
Let not narrow self your way debar;
Though into one heart alone may fall your song of cheer,
Brighten the corner where you are.

Here for all your talent you may surely find a need,
Here reflect the bright and Morning Star;
Even from your humble hand the Bread of Life may feed,
Brighten the corner where you are.

Right beside you are believers who have gone astray;
For lost sheep, you need not seek afar.
In Christ’s love, exhort, restore, and comfort them today;
Brighten the corner where you are.

Stay in fellowship with Jesus and behold His face
If His glorious radiance you’d impart.
Love and serve the Lord sincerely; this will touch men’s hearts;
Brighten the corner where you are.


Brighten the corner where you are!
Brighten the corner where you are!
Someone far from harbor you may guide across the bar;
Brighten the corner where you are!


Jerry and Dar Johnson

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