Christian Concourse Ministry Newsletter – September 2021

Precious Brothers and Sisters in the Lord:

We greet you, our friends and co-workers, in the name of our Savior and yours: the Lord Jesus Christ! How grateful we are for your kind assistance as we carry on in the work we feel the Lord has graciously given us to do. In the course of these last two tumultuous years, so many of you have been beyond generous in your financial support which we accept humbly and thankfully. And we know that many of you are praying for us – we know this because you have told us so, and we experience the blessings of your prayers every day!. We can only bow our heads thankfully and praise our Master for the gift He has given us in you!

We would like to acknowledge a couple who are among the many who have faithfully supported us for many years. They are Rev. and Mrs. Larry McAdoo. They have invested in this ministry bountifully with their time, their finances, and their prayers. Larry has been a counselor and a friend to me. Carol, suffice it to say, she is a prayer warrior.

Larry has been on the board of Christian Concourse for several years giving of his time and talents as our secretary. Also, for many years, he has conducted Christian services in multiple care facilities in our area. It has been amazing to witness his care and his pastoral gifts which he so selflessly exercises on behalf of the small congregations in local care centers to whom he has been assigned by his King. I know of no minister of the Gospel who takes more seriously the charge he has been given to be an under-shepherd of the Great Shepherd’s little sheep in nursing homes.

As I reflect on the wonderful blessing Larry is to us I think of this short passage that the Apostle Paul included near the end of his letter to the Colossians:

All my state shall Tychicus declare unto you, who is a beloved brother, and a faithful minister and fellowservant in the Lord: Colossians 4:7

Speaking for Dar and myself and all the precious souls you have directly blessed (and continue to bless) for the sake of the Gospel, “Thank you, Larry and Carol!”

We are honored to announce the completion of the first two hymns to be included in our third and final DVD in the series, “Praise to Our Redeemer”. This third DVD features the last nine hymns in our hymn booklet entitled, “Hymns of Our Redeemer.” “The Seashore” is the visual theme of this DVD. This series, like our first set, “Comforting Words of Grace,” is prepared expressly for the elderly and infirm. As is the case with all our materials, these videos are prayerfully prepared to encourage them in their faith in Christ as they struggle with the unique difficulties of aging and chronic illness. In addition to distribution to local facilities, we partner with missionaries in nursing home ministry all over the United States to place these resources in the feeble hands of nursing home residents.

To each of you who join Larry and Carol to encourage us by your support, we say, “Thank you, one and all, from the bottom of our heart!”

Love in Christ,

Jerry and Dar Johnson
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