The Honor of Encouraging God’s Little Ones

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Glory be to the most high God and a great big, “Hello there!” to you. We trust this note finds you joyful in your soul as you walk with Jesus, and healthy in your frame as you journey toward that day He gives you a glorified body. What a day that will be! How privileged Dar and I feel to be called to a ministry devoted to sharing the Good News of Christ’s gift to us and encouraging His little ones in their faith in Him as they face the struggles of their later years. How we revel in the memories of the multitudes of elderly saints whom we have been honored to witness blossoming in their last days in their love and their trust in Jesus Christ. For those who think nursing home ministry is a waste of time (we’ve met many), we say, “We understand why they feel that way. But we do grieve for them.” The problem probably is that the Lord Jesus didn’t call them to this great mission field and they forget that He can and does call and empower others to minister there. And we must also testify: “We marvel at how the Lord pours Himself out to these who are often marginalized and forsaken by the world outside their facility.”

If you are one of those that God has touched to be sensitive to His love and compassion to the widows and orphans of nursing homes, we pray He bless you with a renewed zeal and vision for your ministry. The ministry of Christian Concourse is here to help you in any way we can. Browse our site and help yourself. Call or email us if you see something we can help you with.

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