Comments About Our Ministry

Below are some of the testimonials that friends of Christian Concourse have sent to us.

I thought a written note would make an extra import in this day of emails, texts, etc.  Your February newsletter was encouraging as are all the ones in the past.  It is a boost to us volunteers to read all your good cheers.

Reading those statistics brought to the forefront the impact this ministry we are all part of reaches this special population.  Whenever I am able I sing praises to Christian Concourse and Jerry and Dar.  The Lord just keeps providing the pray-ers and resources to sustain your generous work.

Not only do I use these song booklets in a group setting, but several copies are in my bag as I do one-on-one visitations.  We can then sing a duet or just read the hymns which usually leads to discussion and/or prayer.

May the Lord keep growing you and Christian Concourse as the ministry reaches more and more residents.

Thanking God for you both for answering His call.

In His Love,

J. Cz.

Good evening Beloved,

I pray all is well with you both and you are taking precautions to stay healthy.

I am  bringing the Word on Sundays and singing hymns during the week to residents in 2 different assisted living/memory care facilities and they love the hymn books.  In fact, there are a few who decided to keep their copies because they sing in their rooms during the week.  I love it!

I visited another facility to see about living arrangement and when they found out what I do, immediately tried to get me to do the same for them.  There is another facility being built near me and they already contacted me because of word of mouth.

I can’t accommodate all the facilities and I feel the Lord is calling me to begin a ministry which I can send out clergy and laypersons to hold services and sing with memory care residents.  He’s showing me there is a great need.  I’ve always been a women’s ministry leader but God has changed that and I stand in awe.

I am so thankful for your ministry.  I don’t know what I would do without you.  What a powerful and much needed ministry!  You reach so many seniors who truly appreciate having the words and music to the hymns.  To see their faces light up when we sing is truly a blessing.

That being said, I would like to order at least 40 copies each of “The Love of God” and “Psalms of Comfort.”  I know the residents will love them.

I know this is a long email, but  I wanted to share my testimony and thank you again for all you do.

May God continue to bless all your endeavors,

B. C.


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