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Below are some of the testimonials that friends of Christian Concourse have sent to us.

Hi Jerry & Dar, Thank you so much for the materials you sent to me.  I know they have been and will continue to be a blessing & encouragement to the residents.  I’m glad for the the CD Accompaniment for the hymns as I don’t have a pianist due to COVID-19.  I so appreciate your ministry and your faithfulness over the years.  God Bless You Richly, Ernie.

Good Afternoon, I just wanted to let you know that we received your generous package.  My staff are all super excited to start using the materials that you sent us. The Residents will be so appreciative as well.  You are all doing such an amazing thing for the Long Term Care Residents, and most of all during the unfamiliar times that we have had to learn to adapt to. May God bless each and every one of you for the work you are doing to help others. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Regards, Lisa

Dear Dar and Jer– The coloring books arrived today, and I was very happy with the messages of hope and courage–just what our endangered seniors need!  As soon as I can I will order some colored pencils to distribute with the coloring books.  Awesome good work!

Rev. Tina

Good evening Beloved,

I pray all is well with you both and you are taking precautions to stay healthy.

I am  bringing the Word on Sundays and singing hymns during the week to residents in 2 different assisted living/memory care facilities and they love the hymn books.  In fact, there are a few who decided to keep their copies because they sing in their rooms during the week.  I love it!

I visited another facility to see about living arrangement and when they found out what I do, immediately tried to get me to do the same for them.  There is another facility being built near me and they already contacted me because of word of mouth.

I can’t accommodate all the facilities and I feel the Lord is calling me to begin a ministry which I can send out clergy and laypersons to hold services and sing with memory care residents.  He’s showing me there is a great need.  I’ve always been a women’s ministry leader but God has changed that and I stand in awe.

I am so thankful for your ministry.  I don’t know what I would do without you.  What a powerful and much needed ministry!  You reach so many seniors who truly appreciate having the words and music to the hymns.  To see their faces light up when we sing is truly a blessing.

That being said, I would like to order at least 40 copies each of “The Love of God” and “Psalms of Comfort.”  I know the residents will love them.

I know this is a long email, but  I wanted to share my testimony and thank you again for all you do.

May God continue to bless all your endeavors,

B. C.

Good evening Jerry and Dar, I pray all is well with both of you. I truly miss being with the residents at the assisted living/memory care facility.  We were able to hold 3 worship services outside while the residents watched from the patio.  Since the weather turned hot, we were told we won’t be able to come back for a few weeks.  However, I send them prayers every week. 

I love the fact that you now have coloring books.  This would be wonderful for the residents.  They would get the Word as well as have an activity.  When you are able I would like to request 50 copies.

You continue to amaze me with all the things you do for our seniors.  What a blessing you are and believe me so appreciated.  To God be the Glory!  May God continue to bless your endeavors.

B. C.

I thought a written note would make an extra import in this day of emails, texts, etc.  Your February newsletter was encouraging as are all the ones in the past.  It is a boost to us volunteers to read all your good cheers.

Reading those statistics brought to the forefront the impact this ministry we are all part of reaches this special population.  Whenever I am able I sing praises to Christian Concourse and Jerry and Dar.  The Lord just keeps providing the pray-ers and resources to sustain your generous work.

Not only do I use these song booklets in a group setting, but several copies are in my bag as I do one-on-one visitations.  We can then sing a duet or just read the hymns which usually leads to discussion and/or prayer.

May the Lord keep growing you and Christian Concourse as the ministry reaches more and more residents.

Thanking God for you both for answering His call.

In His Love,

J. Cz.

Dear Jerry and Dar,

Your box full of goodies for our nursing home arrived almost a week ago, but today was the first opportunity we had to “test drive” them in our Hymn Sing.  The residents *loved* the large-print mini-hymnals and I do think it improved participation.  There was also great interest in the scripture materials you provided, so thanks very much for including them.

I can’t begin to express my appreciation for your ministry and for your vision in serving the nursing home community.  Budgets are very tight and we would perhaps have to do without such wonderful resources were it not for your generosity and of those who support you.  Please accept our heartfelt thanks for these materials, which will be an encouragement to God’s children and bring glory to our Savior.  May His richest blessings be yours!

With sincere thanks, K. A.
Pennsylvania, USA

Dear Jerry and Dar,

What a WONDERFUL idea for our senior adults, providing an activity for them to do in all of their spare time!  [Christian Adult Coloring Books] Thank you for being pro-active and not stopping the wonderful ministry that you have, providing materials for us who work in skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, etc.  I work full time (at age 64) at a local facility and we’ve ordered your wonderful hymn books over the last few years.  As a retired elementary music teacher (2015) I’ve loved leading our residents in “Gospel Hymns Around the Piano with _ _ _ _ _” on our monthly calendar of activities.  And then COVID-19 hit and we had to stop “group” activities.  But that didn’t stop us!  I printed out your encouraging newsletter to residents affected by COVID-19 and passed it out to our residents.  I know they enjoyed hearing those uplifting words you sent directly to them!  We continue to meet in one of our regular activities to sing the hymns out of your yellow “Hymns of Our Redeemer.”  I’ve given them their own copy to keep since we can’t sanitize those.  They hunt their copy up each time to bring to the gospel hymn sing as we gather in the hallway spreading 6 feet apart and wearing those uncomfortable masks trying to sing through them the best we can!  It’s hot, uncomfortable, but we’re determined that nothing will stop us singing our praises to the Lord!

I’m so excited to have another resource from Christian Concourse to pass out to our residents!  If possible, please send 25 copies of “God’s Love and Grace” coloring books ASAP!  The next time that we have a hymn sing, I’d love to bless each attendee with a copy of your letter and a coloring book to take back to their rooms, having a delightful and uplifting time coloring and meditating on God’s promises!

Thank you again for what you 2 do, ministering to our precious senior adults.  God bless you and continue to keep you going strong!  To the glory of God!

Sincerely, M. G.

We are writing to say thank you for your recent donations to the “S—– Prayer Gospel Ministry.”  Your support has repeatedly played a key role in our success.  We are currently ministering in five care centers.  Our desire is to carry the Gospel and “Favorite Hymns of Grace” to all the nursing homes throughout our city and to those who are not physically able to make it to a local church.  There is no way to fully express our gratitude.  Thank you again for your compassionate support.

With warm regards, Rev. E. G., California, USA

Dear Jerry — Thank you SO very much for your generous shipment of the 40 songbooks & CD.  I can’t tell you how blessed I felt receiving this wonderful resource!  You have certainly been used by the Lord in SO many ways.  Your music & messages are PERFECT :).  May the Lord Himself repay you for serving Him so faithfully!

Dear Dar — It was so nice chatting with you about so many interesting topics last Monday…what fun!  A BIG THANK YOU for your very important supporting role to your husband & Christian Concourse Ministry!  You & Jerry are quite a mighty team for the Lord!  God’s blessings on you today,

B. S.

Dear Jerry and Dar Johnson, Thank you so much for the recent gift of the 30 mini hymnals!  We were able to add to our supply at the nursing home where we conduct monthly services, as well as be prepared for new worship services that we will add at S—— Senior Living where we currently conduct Bible studies.  Our little ministry is young and we thank God for His faithfulness and thank you for your kind generosity!  May God continue to bless all the good you do in His name!  Thanks again,

K. R., Virginia, USA

Dear Brother Jerry and Sister Dar, We are truly blessed to know good friends like you.  Even though we have only spoken over the telephone it seems like we have known one another for life.  God is good.  God will always put His children together.  It is a joy.  We are truly thankful for all that you do in your ministry.  Christian Concourse Ministries adds to our ministry.  We are blessed to minister to many souls in the various nursing homes.  The staff as well as the loving hearts enjoy using the hymn booklets that you donated to us.  Again, we must say, God is good.  To God be the Glory!

J. & S. B.
P. S. We can’t wait to hear the Christmas CD!

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