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A Short Primer On Nursing Home Ministry

If you are one of those Type A personalities driven to cut right to the chase, then we have provided this page for you.  Of course, we believe this would be a good “first” read for anyone setting out on the exciting ministry in the mission field of long-term care.  These thoughts come out of our experiences in nursing home ministry….READ MORE….

Guidelines for Nursing Home Visitation

Our intention for providing the following list of pointers for visiting a long-term care center, or doing any kind of nursing home ministry, is to help you focus on some of the important practical issues of courtesy and protocol.  The well-being of the residents is our foremost concern, as, we are sure, it is with you….READ MORE….

Worship Service Programs

(Designed for use with “Favorite Hymns of Grace” ) 

These Worship Service Programs are provided as a resource for volunteers and long-term care center staff who do “church services” in care facilities.  These are a “church bulletin” in “.PDF” format….READ MORE….

Memorial Service Programs

In the event of the death of a resident, a long-term care facility may choose to offer a memorial service for the staff, residents and family members to participate in.  In the following material a sample invocation and benediction is included, along with a generic announcement to be used on the bulletin boards of the facility, a “Sample Letter to Friends and Family,” and generic Memorial Service Programs…..READ MORE….

Nursing Home Ministry Devotionals

These nursing home ministry devotionals are downloadable for free in “.PDF” format.  They are for you to use as you see fit in ministry to care center residents….READ MORE….

Giant Print Hymns

The following hyperlinks connect you to individual “.PDF” files of an 8 1/2″ by 11″ page with the words to each song in giant print.  As the headings indicate….READ MORE….

Giant Print Scriptures

These free giant print downloads are provided as a companion to our large print Scripture booklets of the same names. They are formatted specially for extremely poor eyesight….READ MORE….

Nursing Home Care Package Flyer

Although normal supplies are adequate, the residents of long-term care facilities, especially nursing homes and assisted living facilities, could often use personal items and clothing….READ MORE….

“Talk” Board

Here you will find what we call a “Talk Board.” We saw this idea in use with a quadriplegic in a nursing home. The resident could not speak and visitors would communicate with her by using a chart similar to this one as a guide….READ MORE….

Chaplain’s Visitation Log

In some long-term care settings it would be helpful to the staff of the facility, especially the activity director, if a log were kept documenting the various resources and activities that the volunteer has shared with which residents….READ MORE….

Church Shut-In Visitation Program

Here is information about and a “.PDF” download of our outline and forms for forming a small-group in your church to address the visitation needs of your congregation. These are the tools for a Pastor or leader within a local congregation to use in developing a “Visitation Committee”….READ MORE….

Five-Week Master Calendar

Use the Master Calendar to note the events and activities you schedule on the basis of the day and the week. (e.g., second Tuesday of each month, fifth Sunday of each month, etc.) Then you can use this calendar as a key to fill out your monthly calendars….READ MORE….

Consent to Photograph, Video, or Record Form

There may be times you would really like to photo or video or record a resident of a long-term care center. There are legal considerations if you want to do this….READ MORE….

Music Downloads – “.MP3’s” – Play and Save!

Music for “Favorite Hymns of Grace”

Instrumental and vocal accompaniment music for use with our hymn booklet, “Favorite Hymns of Grace.”  These are “.MP3” files for you to listen to and download and use in ministry to the elderly and infirm….CLICK HERE….

Music for “Hymns of Our Redeemer”

Instrumental and vocal accompaniment music for use with our hymn booklet, “Hymns of Our Redeemer.”  These are “.MP3” files for you to listen to and  download and use in ministry to the elderly and infirm….CLICK HERE….

Music for “Christian Christmas Carols”

Instrumental and vocal accompaniment music for use with our Christmas carol booklet, “Christian Christmas Carols.”  These are “.MP3” files for you to listen to and download and use in ministry to the elderly and infirm….CLICK HERE….


“God’s Love and Grace” – a Christian Adult Coloring Book

This is another exciting resource for your nursing home ministry toolbox! Here are downloads for the pages of a Christian adult coloring book, to be sized at 8½” X 11″. This is 34 pages of scriptures and short, simple devotionals with large illustrations that are designed for coloring. A Christ-centered coloring book is a great gift to the many nursing home residents who are sequestered in their rooms – day after day – hour after lonely hour. It is helpful for them to have something like this to pass the time and simultaneously find encouragement for their faith in Jesus…..CLICK HERE….

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